How To Install 2 Whats-app In The Same Phone

As we all know whats-app is a global communication app. which liked by most. How about how to install 2 whats-app in the same phone?

It is a very interesting title for most of us. Most want to have 2 whats-app in their phones. Not because they like it. That they do not want anyone else could see their messages. May be that is private messages. Or the person who has texted us he/she means a lot for us. In a simple way I can say that most of us do not want to take the risk.

How To Install Double Whatsapp In The Same Phone

It is very easy to install 2 whats-app in the phone. Only what you have to do is follow the steps below. As I have guided you.

1:- Go to play store in your phone.

2:- Touch on the search bar, write dual app wizard then touch on the search icon on your keyboard.

3:- Now install the first app. Which is same as below.

4:- After installation open the app.

5:- Scroll down until you did not get the whats-app app.

6:- When you reached to whats-app app touch on it.

7:- Here you can change the name. You can also replace, flip, rotate, remove, and change the color of the icon.

8:- I just named that as whats-app 2. Touch on OK button.

9:- Make sure you have turned on the keep app label option. Select the blue circle option.

10:- Install the app.

11:- Open the app after installation.

12:- Now you can use double whats-app apps in your phone.

This was how you can install 2 whats-app in your phone. If you got any problem regarding to installation please inform me in comment that I give you suggestion after knowing your problem.

You can also mention that software that you have an issue with that in case of installation. I will make the installation guide of that software as soon as possible.

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