Top 10 Hackers of the world

Top 10 Hackers of the world

In the world of computer we can find many things. And it helps more than enough for the humans. Computer has the best value in this generation, and also those who have set their profession in computer science they have big demands for everyone. And also earn more money than other fields workers. In the present time if we see our 90% percent of the government system depends on computer. Every countries are hiding their all information in the computer, beside this computer helps in every case calculation, online job, printing, even health and so on. Top 10 Hackers of the world.

Disadvantages of Computer

Computer helps and has many benefits but there comes an anxiety, when there is any issue in the case of security. There are some people called by the name of hackers. Hackers are those who break the computers security. There are three kinds of hackers, first one black hat hackers, simply we can call them criminals. They break the security of any bank or company to take information or money from that for their own benefits. The second one is white hat hackers, they never do any crime, and they legally do jobs for companies to protect their security system from black hat hackers. And the last one is gray hat hackers, they are those who help anyone but sometimes can do crime also. So there is no guaranty for their intentions, they might change their intent in a second. Top 10 Hackers of the world.

Top 10 Hackers of the world

10:- Albert Gonzalez

You can call him the biggest credit card thief in the history. He had stolen 170 million credit cards and ATM numbers. But he was arrested and punished for 20 years in federal prison.

9:- Astra

Astra was the weapon stealing and selling agent. He hacked the system of France’s Assault Group and stole all the data about weapons technology. He sold the information to many countries over the world for five years. But the officials arrested him and according to them Astra was criminal since 2002 and he had sold the data to 250 people over the world which cost $360 million damage for France’s Assault Group.

8:- Anonymous

Anonymous is the group name of a hacker’s team. They have gotten the public focus by attacking on government, religious and corporate websites. There are many in their targets list such as Vatican, FBI, CIA, PayPal, Sony, MasterCard, and Visa, Chinese, Israeli, Tunisian and Ugandan governments.

Binary Hacker Anonymous Internet Attack Mask One

7:- Kevin Mitnick

Once upon a time he was the most wanted cyber-criminal of US. He is the man behind the hacking of Nokia, Motorola and Pentagon. But now he is a security consultant.

6:- Kevin Poulsen

Will you wait to come your name in an online contest or a radio show contest? Well, but Poulsen did not do this, he infiltrated to a radio show contest to win a Porsche. He was caught by FBI. And now Poulsen works as a senior Editor at Wired.

5:- Jonathan James

The first cyber-criminal who caught in the age of 16. He hacked Defense Threat Reduction Agency of US department. After that he installed a sniffer which examined the messages that passed on between the DTRA. He not only installed a sniffer to examine messages but also collected the passwords, usernames and many more data. He also sold essential software. All of his works forced NASA to shut down its system and pay from its pocket $41000. This was stopped when James committed suicide in 2008.

4:- Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce

These two hacked the USA military computers, and use them to infiltrate into foreign system.

3:- Adrian Lamo

Adrian made the breaking news by hacking Yahoo, Microsoft and Google but early he caught by FBI.

2:- Lulzsec

A high profile, black hat hacker group. They hacked Sony, News International, CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard and several noteworthy accounts. And also mentioned that their aim behind hacking is that to give warning to the companies to be aware for their security.

1:- Gary Mckinnon

The person who infiltrated into 97 military and NASA computers and deleted some files. He soon caught for his hacking from his girlfriend’s aunt’s home. He also send a message to military computers to make them shy for their security system.

This was the top 10 hackers of the world. If you got any question regarding this article feel free to ask in the comment box. You can also mention your, electronic issues or any information that you want, I will solve it as soon as possible.

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