Ten Things You Can’t Do in Dubai

Dubai is the only country by having the international airport in the world. Almost from all over the world businessmen are going to Dubai so to do business. It has all the facilities for outsiders. Not only people are going to Dubai for business but also for holidays. Dubai counts in the list of most beautiful countries by having many interest buildings, hotels, parks and so on. And so even most of the people are arranging their marriage parties in Dubai. Although it has many beautiful places to visit but has tough laws also.

Every coin has two sides!

As there is a saying that every coin has two sides so the same, as Dubai has the beautiful places to visit it has somehow tough laws also for the visitors. You must know about that laws if you want to ignore jail in Dubai. Because if see the records, most of the visitors had taste the dish of prison in Dubai after breaking there laws. Maybe their unawareness can be the reason behind their works which is accepted crime in Dubai.

10 Things You Can’t Do in Dubai

Today I am here with 10 rules which the government of Dubai has created for the visitors to make save their culture.

10:- Cross-dressing

This rule made mostly for females. The visitors can’t wear short pants and shirts that collects the attractions of males. Wearing their own clothes is the better choice.

Ten Things You Can't Do in  Dubai

9:- Writing a cheque that bounces

You can’t write a bounce cheque. This rule made 20 years before while most of the businessmen used bounce cheques.

Ten Things You Can't Do in  Dubai

8:- Sleeping with your partner

You can’t share your hotel room with your loving one. So sex outside marriage is illegal in Dubai if you caught you will be punished by the government.

Ten Things You Can't Do in  Dubai

7:- Being gay

Those who are gay, they are criminals according to Dubai UAE laws. There are many hospitals and intercourse for the treatment of the gays.

6:- Smoking electronic cigarettes

Smoking electronic cigarettes are illegal.

Ten Things You Can't Do in  Dubai

5:- Reserving hotel under 18

So none of the hotels in Dubai would give you room if you are under 18. There must be an adult for reserving a room in hotel.

4:- Being drunk

There is a license permit for the foreigners for drinking alcohol only in their homes. But the license holders has to be above 21, so in that condition they can get license.

3:- Taking drugs

Taking, trafficking or dealing drugs can take your life in Dubai. The punishment for drugs dealer, taker and trafficker is worse than death.

2:- Affection in public

Though you married you can’t kiss, hug or take the hands of your partner in public place. Affection in public is illegal in Dubai.

Ten Things You Can't Do in  Dubai

1:- porn products business

Whenever anyone caught while selling porn products will be punished by the government. Though watching porn is bane but selling the porn products also can get you to prison.

Ten Things You Can't Do in  Dubai

Hope this information has taken a small place in your brain and help you more to know about Dubai laws for visitors or outsiders. If you want any information never feel shy, feel free to mention that in the comment box.

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